If You Want the Job Done Right, Call John White

As one who has done a lot of remodeling, furniture construction, plumbing, and welding, I thought that building my own carport would be a simple project. I began by looking at several carport kits and carport plans on the Internet. Then I computed the cost and the hassle factor involved in shipping, storage, permits, construction, inspections, etc. I decided to receive a few bids from area contractors. It became apparent that having a professional carport contractor do the job was the best way to go. Although doing it myself could possibly save $200 or $300 dollars, I wondered what I’d have when I got done. JW Carports seemed the most knowledgeable. They made excellent suggestions based on years of experience and offered the finest quality materials for the money. Because of my 20-foot span, JW Carports suggested an all-steel carport, which was the strongest and best value for the money. Heavy gauge steel members including uprights, joists, and decking were used throughout. The square steel tubing uprights are powder coated and set deep into concrete for maximum stability, strength, and durability. JW Carports also offers a wide variety of colors, so my wife was able to choose a color that blends in perfectly with the trim colors of our house. JW Carports prepared all site, elevation, and construction drawings, building permits, and city inspections–all included at no extra charge. The entire process from start to finish took three days and was completely hassle free. It would have only taken two days, but we had to wait for the city inspector to drop by, of course. I recommend JW Carports to anyone who wants a top quality carport, including family and friends, as I know that JW Carports will provide an elegant carport solution that fits your needs at the right price.

Russ Stultz | Plano, Texas